How to get the right PCIE port 0 to 5 for each GPU?

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Hei there!

I am running 2 rigs with 6 RX470 each.
At the moment I am optimizing my GPUs with custom roms, changed memory straps, undervolting and underclocking.

But I am not sure how to figure out which card I am actually tweaking.
When flashing with ATIFlash, I can choose the PCIE ports from 0 to 5.
And when I run my miner, I can specify -di 0 to 5

But tools like WattTool and GPU-Z mix the cards around.

So which tool do I have to follow to find and tweak the correct card?

Lets say I flash card 5 with ATIFlash, and mine with the flag -di 5.
Do I mine on the same card that I flashed just before?

WattTool would display the card here as the third card from the top of the dropdown list.
GPU-Z would use the 4th card from the top of the dropdown list.


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    the order it is in atiflash is the same as it is in gpu-z
    at least from the cmd line
    atiflash -i
    -ai for extra info if ur still not sure u can find some clues here maybe lol
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