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Next of our applications for Ethereum Pools. This app is for checking workers on Dwarfpool Mining Pool (Dwarfpool.org). First version is simple view of your miners (standard API). We are working on new functions (shares and payments info). Just now we are supporting Ethereum (ETH), but we are testing this application also for Expanse (EXP), Monero (XMR) and GroestlCoin (GRS). Stay tuned! Comming soon.

Dwarfpool Mining Statistics 1.1

We show statistics of your account on dwarfpool.com

- Total Hashrate (MH/s)
- Total Hashrate Calculated (MH/s)
- Worker's list
- Worker detail: Id, Hashrate, Hashrate Calculated, Last submit

Download: Google Play Store


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    Good news everyone!

    We have first beta version of Dwarfpool PRO Monitor which supports all currencies (ETH, EXP, GRS and XMR) from Dwarfpool. It's really experimental, no all functions are included, but it works. We support multiple accounts, one wallet per currency.

    I hope it will be today to download. We need your feedbacks, because it's not simple work like with implementation of official API and we have only few testing data.

    Stay tuned! Comming soon!
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    Dwarfpool PRO Statistics BETA

    ** Attention **

    This is experimental BETA version of Dwarfpool Mining Monitor. This version is without any warranty. We are testing new features. Please let us know any problems, errors etc.

    We are testing this app for ETH, EXP, GRS, XMR. Some features are not available yet. We support multiple accounts. It means for every currency one account. You can add all currencies wallets and switch between them. No emails require.

    ** Features **

    - last seen (date and time in minutes)
    - current approx. speed
    - workers number
    - current balance
    - already paid balance
    - unconfirmed balance
    - (confirmed but not count)
    - Last 24 hours balance
    - fee information
    - shares chart
    - your currency for day/week/month
    - exchange info about currency
    - changing accounts

    ** Future **

    - shares list with chart
    - payments list with chart
    - workers list with more details

    Download: Google Play Store

    Dwarfpool LITE Statistics

    If you want stable version with official data, use our other application. It supports only ETH, we are working on EXP.

    Dwarfpool Mining Statistics (Lite version)


    We would greatly appreciate your donation. It's not easy, but we want to keep it free. Please donate to us if you like it.

    Google Play:


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    Looks nice. a Few suggestions..1) if you have the lite version installed, have it copy your address from there so you dont have to type in again 2) add the workers stats from the lite version at least..
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    Thanks a lot. I'm afraid that we can't read datafiles from another app in device. But we will check it.

    We are working on more functions (workers, payments, shares), but today Dwarfpool is off (website) and we can't test it.

    btw: information in Lite and Pro version are not similar. I hope you find in Pro version everything you need.

    Now in testing BETA mode we see big traffic because of our expanded API. I hope we keep PRO version also for free. But maybe I will need some cloud hosting for faster reading data.
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    can you make it so I can copy out of the other app and paste in? I tried that on android, but was unable to copy the text..it wouldn't select all the address
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    bug. sorry. try copy address from website stats. it should works.
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    New version of Dwarfpool Pro Statistics BETA

    - we added shares section for all currencies (ETH, EXP, GRS, XMR)

    Please update it a test it!
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    1) Looks good, #'s seem right.
    2) I dont understand the graph..i guess the line is the average?
    3) Is there any way to show worker shares?
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    1) thanks
    2) line is average of showing shares, it's not average hashrate
    3) yes, we are working on it. you can find workers in Dwarfpool Lite. There is only what is in official API provided by pool. We try make more for our PRO app. It's not simple. But you can donate to us :)
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    2) Yes thats what i meant..so its the avg of last 24 hrs?
    3) yeah, i assume the donate address is in the app?
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    2) yes, should be 24 hours, without last precalculated values
    3) yes, in app, on wesite, in google play, here :)

    Next plans:
    - repair bugs
    - finalize payments page
    - add confirmed but not on balance information
    - add workers list (ETH, EXP only)

    And that's it. But we may find in the future that our API generate big traffic on our servers and we have to close it because of many users or changes on dwarfpool... I'm not sure. That's why we are still testing this BETA version, server requirements, speed and other things. We need about 0.6 BTC/year to keep it free. For donators we are preparing some codes for "no ads" in this app. We'll see how it will evolve.

    Stay tuned!
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    Dwarfpool PRO supports now Zcash (ZEC)
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