What is BlockApps? Should I start off with Embark?

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Sorry im a noob, but the BlockApps Devcon2 video caught my attention, and there's only two, 5-minute videos demonstrating a tiny portion of how to use BlockApps.

Is it a framework like Embark, or is it an advanced topic, and I should just go along starting my journey with Embark, and eventually coming figuring out how BlockApps could be useful for me?

i want to start off on the right foot learning how to build enterprise level systems on ethereum, ipfs/swarm, whisper, mobile, etc.. i have a specific project in mind that involves the abovementioned, plus a little more.

thank you!


  • jrmoreaujrmoreau Member Posts: 4
    Hey there, I'm a Developer Evangelist for BlockApps. Would be happy to help you figure out if we're right for building out your idea. What would you like to know? FYI, my email is [email protected] if you want to reach out there.
  • kskaizenkskaizen Member Posts: 18
    i dont think your pricing is geared towards startups, are they? because that's exactly why im mulling just hashing it out myself manually. perhaps you could tell me more if you're geared for startups looking to produce a small-scale mockup/ prototype/ MVP?

    nevertheless, i'd still appreciate a bit more clarification on where BlockApps fits in at the dev chain - wasn't able to suss it out from currently available media, nor am i tech enough to make sense of the thus-far alien (to me) jargon.

    all i can get so far is that BlockApps is "a REST API". :dizzy:
  • jrmoreaujrmoreau Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your feedback on the site copy. We're upgrading our website at the moment and we hope you'll feel more clarity once we launch that. In the meantime, I'd like to shoot you a message if that's cool and get a better idea of what you're working on to see if we can help you. We do have startups that use us, for sure. Some even use our single node instance on Microsoft Azure and have apps in production. But obviously one size doesn't fit all, so why don't we connect on that?

    Sending you a message on here to take the convo offline. Cheers!
  • kskaizenkskaizen Member Posts: 18
    i will email you shortly, cheers!
  • jrmoreaujrmoreau Member Posts: 4
    Cheers man. Thank you!
  • jrmoreaujrmoreau Member Posts: 4
    By the way, we might have a pricing option for you that's brand new. Will wait for your email to discuss. You might like it.
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