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Hi everyone!

I bought a new MacBook and want to transfer my wallet from old to new :smile: However questions arise when I think about how to do this. I'm fairly good with computers and not afraid to use Terminal, but all instructions I found so far are unclear or for command-line users. Now I really admire you hardcore coding guys, but I don't feel comfortable messing around with command-line and my wallet...

Therefor I thought it be a good idea to start a thread that clarifies a couple of things. My goal is to eventually be able to provide clear step-by-step instructions on Transferring the Mist wallet on Macintosh. Might make a tutorial or video or something. Maybe someone else could do the same for Windows? Would be awesome if you guys (and girls) could help me figure this out!
Oke so first I need your help clarifying! The questions that immediately rase to mind are:
1. Is there an official method of transferring a wallet from one computer (pc and/or Mac) to the other?;
2. Can I just install the Mist wallet from and copy the keystore-file (UTC--) to ~/Users/HomeFolder/Library/Ethereum/keystore?;
3. Do I copy the keystore-file before or after opening my newly installed Mist wallet?;
4. Do I setup a new password for my wallet?;
5. Does Mist automatically ask for my key decryption password or do I double click the file or use any other import method?;
6. Does my Ether-address change when I install a new wallet and import the keystore-file?; and,
7. If so, how does this work having two wallets with the same key / net value in it?;
8. Might the easiest way be to just setup a new wallet and transfer all the funds to the new address?
Hope you guys can help me out, 'cause I'd really like to make this blockchain-thing more accessible to everyone and give Ethereum the traction it needs to become widely used!

Thanks in advance,

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