Have been trying to run a node for more than 3 weeks - still synching 24/7


Can anyone explain why my node is still synching (I'm at block 2319873 - as of 2016-11-10_17:50 EST), I have a fresh install of linux 16.04, a 500G WD black drive, 2G of RAM and fiber to the home ethernet connection that is really good. It is taking for ever to sync, I can confirm the iotop is in the roof with 1000+ K/S on the reads all the time. At the current rate I will never catch up because new clocks are added faster than the ones I'm catching up with. Am I the only one with this issue? I must be missing something major. Thanks, Louis


  • typovikingtypoviking Member Posts: 1
    same problem here ... tried with both geth and parity node clients...stuck at 2430233 and barely moved in days... sad.
  • ldrapeauldrapeau Member Posts: 89
    Ok I guess that is why the price is going down,, surprised "they" have not fixed this issue, a bit deceiving for the apparent genius that conceived the whole thing. Wish him good luck in finding a solution, or creating something better.
  • ldrapeauldrapeau Member Posts: 89
    edited November 2016
    I am now at block 2335708 as of 2016-11-23_10:38 EST, it has been a very long time (many weeks), can anyone explain how one block containing only 4 transactions takes more than 13 minutes to update?

    I1123 10:16:42.432032 core/blockchain.go:1001] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) including 4 txs in 13m11.033082301s. #2335707 [d5b19d58 / 3c1b0faa]
  • roninronin Member Posts: 25
    Try an SSD, mine syncs very quickly, the whole blockchain in a few hours
  • tjayrushtjayrush Member Posts: 1
    My sync is literally taking forever. I think it has mostly to do with HHD vs. SSD hard disk. I'm at 2.7 million. It's been slow since 2.3 million five days ago.
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