Where is my money?

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Hello, i was out for a business trip and left my 2 rigs solo mining using geth and claymore's, when i got home saturday afternoon i checked my balance and had 30 ETH, found 6 blocks while away, but the geth console was getting a lot of sync problems and was not sending new jobs to mine, tried to update the database using the geth updatedb command but didn't work, so i used the geth removedb command to wipe the corrupted database and then geth --fast to sync a new blockchain, it's still syncing and about 50% to complete but now when i do geth attach and check my balance it turns 0, does anyone knows what might happened? i can't find my money :(


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    You have to wait until you sync up to the blocks you found for your balance to show. Finding 6 blocks solo mining with two rigs is highly unlikely tho. You might have been on the wrong chain if you were running an older version of geth.
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    What is your hashrate?
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    thanks for the replies, i am getting 240 Mhs, actually is 1-1/2 rig, waiting for more cards to arrive, I'm running geth 1.5, i read something about mining in the wrong chain, ho i can prevent that? i am averaging 1 block every 2-3 days, still is more than pool mining, i was away for 3 days and when i got back home i found the problem, previous blocks are already in my poloniex account with no problems, guess i'm going to have to wait until it syncs, will keep you posted, regards
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    OK, I'm lost again, i synced the block chain up to the blocks i found and got my balance back in my wallet just before finishing to being fully synced, so i transfered the balance to my poloniex account, and after the transaction i got the green confirmation number (which i didn't write down), the balance didn't make it to poloniex and i assumed i had to wait until it was fully synced to the last block, but now it is and i still didn't receive the balance, now my wallet shows 0 eth after the withdraw, is there a way to check historical transactions on geth?
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