Launch the wallet in a portable mode

shveicarshveicar Member Posts: 2
I have a few questions.
1. How can I run a wallet in a portable mode on windows 7?
I use the wallet version 0.5.2 I want that the Ethereum folder and all its contents are placed near to the wallet file Ethereum-Wallet.exe.
In the case of Bitcoin wallet simple.
I create a shortcut with this contents:
H:\Bitcoin\bitcoin.exe --datadir=H:\Bitcoin\Bitcoin
and run the file exe through it.
But in the case of Ethereum-Wallet.exe this method does not work.
2. When user create a new wallet he must create a password. This allows you to secure the wallet file UTC--2016-03-15T23-56-14.370588400Z-... that is in the keystore directory. But if I open this file in a text editor, I see all of its contents is displayed in clear text scren
(I did not see signs encryption for this file ). It turns out that anyone who is able to copy this information to get access to my coins?


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