What about marketing?

I like the Ethereum concept and there are surely a lot of possibilities with blockchain and turing-complete script language inside transactions.

But what I worry about a bit is the marketing issue. We have seen a lot of promising new technologies emerging in a new altcoins like Mastercoin, NTX, Peercoin, Colored coins, etc. But it seems all of them are struggling to get traction, since they are being out-competed by currencies with a strong grassroots marketing, like Bitcoin or Dogecoin for example.

You can have better technology, it seems, but if you don't have strong marketing and large crowd of enthusiast, it's very hard to succeed. Are there some strategies to tackle this problem?


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    Greyman, I think the fundraiser will solve this - look at all the things MC is doing with their funding: websites, translations, meetups, sponsorships, conferences appearances, etc etc. Ethereum is planning to do even more, which is very exciting.
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    Fair point, @greyman‌ ... but consider that it's much more important for Ethereum to be a strong enough platform to warrant the allocation of limited development resources.

    Consumer awareness of Bitcoin is in many ways it's greatest weakness, as the spec is effectively locked for fear of sending the train off of it's tracks. Difficult to change the engine of a car that's already moving at a high velocity.

    Applications will each handle their own marketing and recruit end-users -- but developers seem to be well aware of the platform and one might anticipate them shifting their efforts from other 'alt-coins' once it has reached a certain level of stability (beyond PoC stage). Until then, I'd imagine the Ethereum team's primary focus (from a marketing/communications perspective) is evangelizing developers and building a solid community, free of bad actors (that often look to make a quick $).

    Ethereum will succeed as a function of it's applications; in that effort, Ethereum's DEV team would very likely partner to promote the early Đapp entrepreneurs, rather than itself. Wouldn't surprise me to see "Built with Ethereum" at some point in the near future, for example (Project Highlights demonstrate this point). Consumers will be aware of those applications, but rarely will recognize the impressive tech that powers them. :wink: My mother doesn't have a clue about TCP/IP or HTTP, but she'd quite easily speak freely and knowledgeably about a browser or a webpage.

    *Apologies for digging up old threads. Just cruising through the archives to see where I can contribute. :smile:
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    If Ethereum can be pulled off, marketing is the least of their worries.
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