Posted With Permission: Really good deal on a platinium power supply

HasLuxHasLux Member Posts: 48
I'm not a greedy person and know the benefits of a platinium power supply of a gold power supply. When your running 6GPU's the difference between 90% and 94% makes for a huge decrease in overhead. So I wanted to share a non affiliate, direct link to a black friday special I cam across on Newegg to help those who can afford it at this time save some costs on energy and produce less heat. It's a Corsair 1000W power supply which is more than enough to run 6 AMD RX series graphics cards with a proper bios modification. It is on sale right now for $169.99 and a $20 mail in rebate. I wish I didnt have so much capital tied up right now or I would purchase the max allowed which is 5. I'm not affiliated with newegg, and i'm not making a profit off of this. i'm simply sharing this deal I stumbled across for those who do have the free capital because I have never seen these at such a great price. The link is below. It's a direct link to the product's page.

Corsair 1000W Platinum Power Supply


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