1x to 16x riser

amd1361amd1361 Member Posts: 26
Hi there
Can I use three of the following riser(1x to 16x) to use 3* sapphire rx470 nitro plus 8gb for mining.
Somewhere on the net I read that this type of riser which doesn't have a power connector (sata) can damage the card or the motherboard.
I have been using 3* sapphire rx470 nitro plus 8gb using 16 to 16 riser cable and I am going to attach 3 more using the mentioned cables.
My motherboard is GIGABYTE F2A88X-UP4 FM2+ A88X


  • lukaisailoviclukaisailovic Member Posts: 43
    It is not recommended to use this type of raiser. RX 470 draws a lot of power from the slot, you should use powered raisers with molex connectors plugged directly into raiser (don't use sata to molex !!!)
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