which linux distribuition has the best performance on ethash-mining?

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I am wondering which Linux distro has the best performance to mine any ethash based coin? is it noticeable over windows?


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    I've been using EthOS for many months which is based on Ubuntu. I have a friend who has used Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 with various drivers and honestly the only difference seems to be stability. The hash-rates for the GPUs we have which are the same seems to be very close, and the biggest differences I get are from the ability to overclock my GPUs. EthOS is good at allowing overclocking but honestly Windows is probably much more flexible in that respect. I find that Linux (EthOS) seems to be much more stable - I can leave the rigs mining for days or weeks and they are fine, but Windows rigs seem to need a reboot every so often, and people seem to have trouble finding the best driver for Windows.
    My Windows friend claims that the claymore miner is the fastest but now you can use sgminer-gm and get similar performance to claymore (with some particular GPUs at least) without the developer fee.
    The biggest factor in using a Linux distro if you are used to Windows is familiarity, so if you are very used to using Windows it probably isn't worth changing to Linux really.
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