What is Ethereum Market Factors which affects price?

TamerBeehTamerBeeh Member Posts: 11
Was wondering what would be the market factors that would affect increase or decrease ETH price ? just to imagine its future and give a decision in start mining ETH


  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    a new coin maybee, today is zcash
  • HasLuxHasLux Member Posts: 48
    Ethereum has a path laid down to be far more than a digital asset. It's value is in it's very powerfull on blockchain programming language called solidity. The goal of the project is not to compete with alt coins but to be something completely different. That something is a decentralized global computer system where your applications run on the blockchain. I can't speculate on the value of ethereum but I do know that there are a lot of very interesting projects. Ethereum is a blockchain technology that has real world uses. The most recent one that I saw was a company utilized ethereum's smart contracts (Which is a program or a series of programs that work togeather on the blockchain) and a drone was able to authenticate itself via the blockchain to allow itself indoors. That same technology could easily be applied to be utilized as the key saying you have authorization to enter a specific home, crank a car, just that project has amazing possibilities. Smart contracts require gas to execute on the blockchain because they are using the blockchains computational power, gas is composed of what is called wei, 1 wei is the smallest broken down form of an ethereum token. Miners earn eth tokens from finding blocks, uncles are rewarded as well, and for processing transactions (Including weather a smart contract execution command, etc... should be included on the block chain as valid). Unlike other blockchain platforms that are just digital assets with no real value ethereum is a bleeding edge public transaction ledger that can be used and is being adopted already for the evolution of the internet of things as it's primary communication protocol. So yes, Ethereum has actual utilitarian value. Real world devices and systems are being built at this phase that will be marketed by companies to the public. It will be so transparent that people want even realize they are using a device which takes advantage of the blockchain and the power of the Solidity language. You can find more documents on it at ethereum.org and especially on ethereums gethub page. Right now the masses havent truly caught on to the real world applications of ethereum but i've been watching it closely.
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