qwikpool.com - new ethereum pool - 0% mining fees, 0.5 ETH payout (runs every hour)

sthongsthong Member Posts: 3
Introducing a new pool to mine ethereum (ETH) http://www.qwikpool.com/

Regular payouts after 0.5 Ether (runs every hour)
Pool fee 0% for now.
No registration needed.

Currently have 1.6 GHS mining (our own rigs) and growing!

All questions, comments or suggestions are welcome!


  • mepetmepet Member Posts: 2
    Hi sthong,

    I just visited the website. When I check any active miners, I see the following:

    Pending Balance=0

    Is just there any issues in monitoring system? If I were mining on this pool, it would be not possible to check my balance?
  • mepetmepet Member Posts: 2
    I checked again, now balances and the lists of payouts can be seen.

    Maybe when I checked last time all the miners were new... :blush:
  • jsanzspjsanzsp Member Posts: 195 ✭✭
    looks nice, but i can see the workers emails, privacy is important fix it.
  • sthongsthong Member Posts: 3
    I'm working on hiding the emails. Thanks for the comments
  • sthongsthong Member Posts: 3
    Hi Mepet,

    The way to pool works is that once a block is found, the 5 ETH reward will be distributed to miners based on the % of shares submitted for that round and it'll show up on as pending balance until the payout module kicks in (every hour) and process the payout. For instance, if your share % for that round is 50%, you'll get paid 2.5 ETH for the current round when a block is found.

    I've added the share percentage data to the miner's page.
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