8 card rig challenge

Zorg33Zorg33 Member Posts: 220 ✭✭
Yo fella miners!

Mobo: MSI Z77A GD65 (7 slots), wanted to try it with 8 cards..
I got my 1->3 slot PCI-E splitter a few days ago.
The extender itself worked for first try on win10. I even tried it with all 3 slots occupied it was doing well.
But It does not boot no matter what, when the total number of cards are greater than 7.
No POST, just error code on the mobo. Code is 95, that means pci init error afaik.

Any suggestions how could I bypass this error or is that a hardware limitation that can't be fixed?
I already disabled all unnecessary integrated hw in the BIOS that could take pci-lanes.
Tried the extender in different slots, but it's irrelevant to the error. Only the total number of cards seems to affect the phenomena.

Any ideas?


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