Combining a P2P Mining pool and a service

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Would it be possible to combine a service with a p2p mining pool? For example, a video game is created and while people play the video some of their CPU power is used to mine ethereum. Basically the idea is if more people play the video that more CPU would be dedicated to mining. It doesn't have to be a video game. It could a music player, and then the more who use the music player would dedicate more CPU power to the pool. Or image youtube as a mining pool the more people who watch videos would contribute more CPU power to the mining pool. If so could there be scheme to distribute the ether that was mined. I am not a technical person. Thanks for any answers or comments!


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    Hello, @cory! You may recognize the Folding @Home project -- it involved people donating their unused CPU cycles for protein research, which is similar to what you're mentioning here.

    There are a few basic questions that you should ask yourself: What are you trying to accomplish? Who is the beneficiary of what? What are the underlying economics / incentives, etc...

    First, I'd say that it's important for people playing this game, for example, to understand that their processing power is being used for more than just the gameplay, or else you risk being deceptive and upsetting people. Would people play this game for free in exchange for that mining capability, to your benefit? Or would they get a fraction of the mined ether? Why would I want to participate in your pool as opposed to simply mining on my own? Hope this helps. :smile:
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    I would like to create a music player independent music. I was thinking the mining revenue could be a source of revenue for the artist and the fans. Fans would have assess to the music for "free" but the artist would generate mining revenue from the extra cpu power which would be split between the artist. I was thinking of another feature for the fans to invest in the musicians and profits could come from the mining revenue. I think there would have to be some kind of discourse about the extra CPU power. I guess I am trying to think of a new way monetize independent music.
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