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Why www.MyBtc.ca ?

-No ID required
-Instant Approval up to 250$/day
-100% Canadian company

FAQ ( As seen at www.MyBtc.ca )

Q ; What is MyBTC.ca?
A ; MyBTC.ca enables you to buy Bitcoin in seconds with prepaid non-reloadable credit cards.

Q ; Why should I use MyBTC.ca?
A ; Most people use MyBTC.ca because it allows them to buy Bitcoin in seconds without needing to provide ID.

Q ; How do I buy Bitcoin using MyBTC.ca?
A ; You press "Buy Now" on the homepage or jump directly to the Buy Bitcoin page then enter the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to buy or the dollar amount that you would like to process the card for -- the choice is yours. You'll then enter a Bitcoin wallet address you want to send the Bitcoin to followed by your phone number for mobile PIN verification. Once verified, simply enter your prepaid non-reloadable credit card information, press "Pay", and your Bitcoin will be sent. It's that easy!

Q ; What types of cards do you accept?
A ; Any Canadian issued prepaid non-reloadable VISA, MasterCard or Amex credit card.

Q ; Where can I buy prepaid non-reloadable credit cards?
A ; Pre-paid non-reloadable credit cards can be purchased at several locations near you and thousands nation-wide. Popular retailers include 7-11, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, your nearest corner store & many more.

Q ; What are your buying limits?
A ; Minimum is $25 per order while the maximum is $250. $250 daily, $500 weekly and $1,000 monthly limits also apply.

Q ; What are your fees?
A ; For this incredibly convenient service MyBTC.ca takes 20% of the processed dollar amount. For example, if you process for $50 we'll take $10 and send you $40 in Bitcoin.

Q ; How do I buy and send Bitcoin to pay for something?
A ; If you need to buy an exact amount of Bitcoin to pay for something or send to someone then enter that amount of Bitcoin on the "Buy Now" page. Next steps are to enter your Bitcoin wallet address, verify your mobile phone number and enter your prepaid non-reloadable credit card information on the following page and press "Pay".

Q ; How do you calculate how many Bitcoin I get?
A ; When Buying Bitcoin, we take the dollar amount you are spending, minus the fee and then divide by the rate at which 1 whole Bitcoin is worth to give you the fractional amount of Bitcoin you are to receive. For example, you have $50 to spend minus the fee of $10 leaves $40 divided by $585 (hypothetical rate for 1 BTC) = 0.06837607 Bitcoin.

Q ; How long does it take before I receive my Bitcoin?
A ; We initiate and send your Bitcoin immediately after you press "Pay". However, the number of confirmations on the Blockchain each wallet provider requires before they add Bitcoin to your balance vary. In terms of time per confirmation, a good rule of thumb is 10 minutes per confirmation.

Q ; Is MyBTC.ca secure?
A ;Yes, MyBTC.ca is running on dedicated hardware in one of the most secured Cloud Providers. All communications are encrypted with SSL and Cloudflare provides us with an additional layer of protection. Plus, we never store you credit card information.

Q ; Can I have a refund?
A ; Sorry, NO REFUNDS.

Disclaimer ; I am not the owner of www.Mybtc.ca, you may contact them directly via www.mybtc.ca and they will answer you shortly.

All dollars currencies are in CAD.

I am a canadian customer and I personnaly use their services. I share their page to help other Canadians like me to get into the cryptocurrencies world without hassle and security.

I'll update this post in the next few days and will share some screenshots of the whole process as proof of integrity and transparency.

Have a nice day.


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