Please help: Which card to buy RX470 4GB (Asus or Sapphire)

kyledamkyledam Member Posts: 7
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In my country only have 2 card available the Asus Rog Strix RX470-O4G Gaming and Sapphire RX 470 Platinum Edition 4GB
Asus's price is $20 higher than the Sapphire.
Please help me pick one, I think the Asus Rog Strix RX470-O4G is better because it's OC out of the box, but can I flash the custom ROM, does it have the custom ROM? Thank you


  • cornlingercornlinger Member Posts: 107
    To get you some basics in mining: forget all about "OC versions" you've ever known. As miners we mod and overclock our GPUs ourselves (;

    I always prefer Sapphire when using AMD cards because they got the best design. Also, boysie built a whole low power ROM for this 4GB card so I would prefer this card.

    Boysie's Thread:
  • kyledamkyledam Member Posts: 7
    but the problem is Sapphire RX470 4GB has 2 version nitro vs platinum and the nitro is not available for me, only the platinum with reference design.
  • kamil018kamil018 Member Posts: 7
    I'd recommend to recalculate profitability at this moment and time to ROI, anyway Asus would be better, almost alyways non refference is better than refference in other cases that you really needs blower.
  • kyledamkyledam Member Posts: 7
    So come back to my question, if I choose Asus Rog Strix RX470-O4G Gaming, can it be flashed with custom ROM and which one is the best, does anyone know?
  • kamil018kamil018 Member Posts: 7
    Yes it can be, and best ones is that You made by self, it cant be easier, needs 2 program and skill os copying and pasting some numbers, i belive almost EVERYONE can do that.. But if ure too lazy i can make it for You , just send orginal BIOs and some BTC, and we will be fine :)
  • Zorg33Zorg33 Member Posts: 220 ✭✭
    Definitely the reference one is better for mining than asus.
    1. Blows hot air in one direction and the ref cooler is more than enough for 120W
    2. RAM cooling
    3. Cheaper
    4. Easier bios modding (ASUS has special bios, the offsets are set differently then all the others)

    The only advantage of asus is that you can adjust MVDDC directly, but only if you are an expert in bios modding.
    But then the lack of direct mem cooling makes memory overvolting dangerous.
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