XFX RX 480 8GB RS TripleX edition.

jenia1jenia1 Member Posts: 18
these damn cards... give only 24MH/s out of the box...
i have tried overclocking.. didnt help.
tried using bios for the same card but GTR Black edition model but didnt help as well...

did anyone tried to mode these? id be thankful for some tips.
quite a newbie here.


  • jsanzspjsanzsp Member Posts: 195 ✭✭
    use polaris editor, you can use any guide on the forum, the procedure is the same than another RX cards
  • wonderfullifewonderfullife Member Posts: 103
    The GTR cards have different hardware, that's why their bios doesn't work.
    Search for Polarisbioseditor. Copy/paste timings so you'll get faster memory. flash with atiflash 274.
    You'll see what timings to copy / paste in the dozen bios modding threads.

    This forum could use more structure...
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