Can't sync testnet nor mainnet since hardfork

I'm just using Ethereum Wallet 0.8.6 and geth. I can't sync the last 1000+ blocks in over 12 hours on niether mainnet nor testnet. I tried on both a fast Ubuntu machine and a Mac. Also tried deleting the chaindata and redownloading, still stuck in the same place. Was there something else I needed to update for the hardfork?


  • watubawatuba Member Posts: 2
    I was able to get the mainnet to sync when I restarted in the command console with geth --fast --cache=1024.

    With testnet, it syncs to block 1791130, which is ~2000 blocks ahead of the Morton testnet according to On both computers it's trying to sync to this block which is ahead of the chain, and doing so unsuccessfully. I get Bad block #1791131, out of gas....

    It seems like testnet has limited seeders and multiple forks or something?
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