Good day

abrknabrkn Member Posts: 6
If "hello" posts are frowned upon, I apologize in advanced.

Hello everyone. I'm Andreas and have been spending most of my time on cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, etc) since 2011. During the day I'm the CTO and co-founder of Justcoin, a European bitcoin exchange with around 25K users. In addition, I have been investing in crypto currencies (btc, ltc, xpm, doge, xrp and now ether) for some time.

I've read nearly everything there is to read on Ethereum and am interested in creating DAOs as well as integrating Ethereum on Justcoin, perhaps as a Ripple-like IOU system for starters.

If you're working on something interesting, especially DAOs, Schelling-ish systems, reputation systems, etc. I'd like to know more and contribute what I can.


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