Withdrawal from Bittrex wallet to ethereum wallet not showing on ethereum blockchain

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I withdrew my ether from my Bittrex wallet to my ethereum wallet and on Bittrex it says that the transaction has been completed but the ether is not in my wallet and the transaction id provided by Bittrex is not showing on the ethereum (or ETC) blockchain.

I am running ethereum wallet 0.8.5
The blockchain in up to date
The wallet address I provided is correct.

10/16/2016 ETH 495.99000000 Completed
Address: 0x17CbE71f3De03094aCA40528fF741f48462d4360
TxId: 0xad0900b039c5c4e9986aaafaf6fa5cf683984e52762e7aefffd9f32e4d8096eb

I have received a response from Bittrex, they are saying that it's to do with the attack on the network and to wait a day or more, but I don't understand how a transaction can be "completed" on the bittrex end with a transaction id included when the ethereum blog says that the likely issue would be that users would have difficulty having transactions included in the blockchain.

How can the transaction be completed with a transaction id if the issue is getting the transaction included in the first place? How many days would I need to wait to see how all this pans out?
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    I have the same problem. It was my very first Ethereum transaction. I used bitfinex to transfer ETH to my private wallet, and there is still 0.00 ETH showing up in that wallet after 3 weeks.

    Ethereum seems doomed.
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