Programmers needed

MikEhMikEh Member Posts: 3
Hey, I was wondering if anyone good with security and programming for cryptocurrencies would be interested in being a part of my project. I've spent more than a year researching cryptocurrencies and planning a business around it, so recently we got some design mockups finished and now are looking to create this service which will bring cryptocurrency mainstream. We are also creating a couple coins.

I was wondering if anyone capable of aiding us in creating the online wallet (with cold storage function) and/or the security of the user accounts would be interested in working with us. The front end programming and design will be done by us, so worries of the user-interface programming, just security and wallet. We will be successful since we have a modern design and revolutionary interface and a great marketing team. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested. Please reply here with your email so I can contact you.


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