Smart contracts solved?

This is the result of 30 years of monetary science and software development. ALL contracts will fit into this format:

Five columns
1. Transaction ID
2. Commerce ID - person/entity identifier
3. Item Type - initiating value, terms, value, delivery, notice, status
4. Description - Eg. quantity and value, terms, or other messages
5. Time Stamp

Everything is an offer!

Example 1 - Selling 100 IBM for $4,900

Initiating an offer, 100 IBM, myCommerceID
Terms, 5000 USD, myCommerceID
Corresponding Value, 4900 USD, hisCommerceID
Accepted, contract, myCommerceID
Delivered, 100 IBM, myCommerceID
Delivered, 4900 USD, hisCommerceID
Completed, completed, myCommerceID
Completed, completed, hisCommerceID

Example 2 - Buying 100 IBM for $5,100

Initiating an offer, 5000 USD, myCommerceID
Terms, 100 IBM, myCommerceID
Corresponding Value, 100 IBM, hisCommerceID
Modification, 5100 USD, hisCommerceID
Accepted, contract, myCommerceID

[deliveries on both sides of the contract]


  • keihatsukeihatsu Member Posts: 4
    Accurate data representation allows total granularity with support for any application. It works for analytics and data mining as well as banking and balance transfers.

    The format provides clarity to all members of the team: IT, legal, business, finance, etc.
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