ETH price's coming down.

RetechRetech Member Posts: 46
Is it problem about DoS and hack ???

I saw ETH down quickly.


  • chuckfeastchuckfeast Member Posts: 19
    Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Sometimes they go up, sometimes they go down. Sometimes the reason is what's happening with the network, sometimes it's to do with large buys or sells, and sometimes it's to do with other coins altogether. And it's always to do with peoples opinions of all of the above and more.

    If you're mining and holding ETH it doesn't matter if it goes down, as long as you expect it will go back up eventually. In fact, it's a good thing, because it will discourage other miners.

    If you're mining ETH and converting directly to another currency, either accept there will be variation over time, or hold your ETH till it goes back up again.
  • SWDude26SWDude26 Member Posts: 132 ✭✭
    good time to buy is when it's down!
  • bluelogicbluelogic Member Posts: 86
    Good time to do both. Mine and buy. The difficulty goes down.
  • jdetjdet Member Posts: 16
    Is the actual price drop related in any way to the fluctuating network hashrate? What are the possible reasons?
  • techtottechtot Member Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    Ethereum has regularly fluctuated between .016 and .024 since February. The .018-.019 range is where it seems to spend most of it's time. I was wondering if us miners refused to sell, if the price would go up? I know I always hold out for at least a .022 BTC exchange rate before I execute most of my sales.
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