XFX RX 480 GTR with old mobo

InJoInJo Member Posts: 10
hi to all! i'm new in mining in general, and naturally, i need some help.

-i'm italian, and sorry for my english!-

I have a mining rig with a rx 480 and an old motherboard (ASUS P5N-E SLI) with and old CPU (intel Q6600), 2gb of ram, that runs with EthOs 1.1.1.
originally, the video card run at 23mhs, after a bios mod (timing strip, thanks to all comunity, i've read a lot of threads that helped me) actually i run 26-27mhs.
at the wall, the power draw is 207-213w, and the card temperature is about 52°C
the question is: i'm doing all correctly? i read in this forum somebody that runs 29, 30mhs with this card, with the same power draw, and my low temps makes me think that i'm not using all the power of this card.
maybe the motherboard is too old and pci-ex bus is too slow? is there something wrong with bios?


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