How many Ethers will ever exist?

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Sorry if this info is available in the FAQ, but I can't find it.

How many ethers will ever exist in the future?


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    Ah, calculated it based on the whitepaper. It's 97M.
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    Thats wrong. Assuming some level of loss, there is a maximum held. Otherwise, 0.26X per year with X the number of ethers sold in the presale. (edited.. somehow it didnt get written there..)
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    There is no maximum. 60,102,216 ethers were created during the sale, plus 2x pools of 9.9% each. 26% of 60,102,216 will be created through mining every year. This means that 15,626,576 will be created every year on top of the 60m and the two pools.

    After a while, 15,626,576 ether won't represent much of the total ether available, making the system dis-inflationary (i.e., inflation perpetually trending towards 0 but never reaching it).
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    Interesting, thanks!
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