Need help setting up to mine on my Windows 10 PC...

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Will someone please help me set up Geth and everything else involved to start mining? I have a 7950 and really want to try it out! Thanks!!!


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    With that GPU, you should join a mining pool. Google around for some ethereum mining pools and they will have guides on how to set up your miner. Next you need an address, you can sign upto an exchange such a Poloniex or Kraken and they provide you with a deposit address which you put into the miner. Alternatively you can use MyEtherWallet and have that generate you a new wallet adress then you can install that extension and it will be very quick and easy to view your balance.
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    Forgot to mention, you will need driver 15.12 to make the most MH/s. With a 7950, you will be looking at 19-22. Anything below that and there is a problem somewhere. Windows 10 isn't normally liked by most, Windows 7 or Ubuntu (i have no experience on Ubuntu) are the most recommended.
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    Take a look at this site They can help you out.
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