What is your choice when it comes to powering your rigs?

CryptoGiraffeCryptoGiraffe Member Posts: 34
Going from the factory Dell not even certified power supply I went to a Bronze 750W by Corsair. Then when I got into mining I grabbed a Corsair RM1000 Gold and a Corsair HX850i Platinum. Thinking about grabbing a few more Corsair RM1000's at $100 a piece, but thought I'd ask what everyone else uses.

Single EVGA 1600? 1300? Dual 1000s? Dual 750s?

Also, even though Platinum power supplies are more efficient, I've heard that they aren't worth the price difference vs Gold power supplies. Do you feel the same way? All mine are running on 110V currently. Will switching to a 220V make that much more of a difference?

How do you determine when your power supply is maxed out? I know that you should keep it under 85% of total wattage for longevity, but what about for PCI connectors? For instance on the Bronze 750 I have, I could run one of my 290s on it, but what if I wanted to add one of my 390s? Each card says it should have a minimum power supply of X, but as long as you have enough PCI connectors and the total draw stays under the max will it be fine?


  • theneogeo1982theneogeo1982 Member Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    EVGa are monsters and hear nothing but great things. But what are you planning for your setup?
    Yes 220 is much more efficient
  • hasherhasher Member Posts: 642 ✭✭✭
    My farm is exclusively built on Corsair RM850/850i, RM1000/1000i/1000x, and AX1200 PSUs. Incredibly reliable PSUs, and they come with 7-10 year warranties (depending on model). Can't go wrong with that.
  • cornlingercornlinger Member Posts: 107
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    I use only single PSUs, had a lot of problems with dual PSUs. I power each of my RX 470 rigs with an EVGA Supernova G2 1000W. They are working great!
  • hasherhasher Member Posts: 642 ✭✭✭
    @cornlinger dual PSU systems work well if you use an add2psu. I've only ever had problems with dual PSU setups when i used the paperclip method to turn on the second PSU.
  • SpydrMstrmndSpydrMstrmnd Member Posts: 73
    I had a refurb RM1000 Corsair die on me inside three weeks, also a bad stick of ram from Corsair recently but a lot of good stuff as well so I can't complain.

    Been using a Thermaltake 1000 watt gold I got brand new for a song with rebate, runs like a champ. In general I'd say get the cheapest gold rated psu you can find. All the golds are good in my experience. I have a seasonic gold I've been running at just under max rated power for months and it keeps on humming.
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    I have 7 x EVGA 1300W G2's, EVGA G850, 2 x XFX 1250 golds, 1 x EVGA 1000 P.
    I had one XFX die in the first couple weeks, RMA it and has been running for months. The EVGA platium died in two weeks then DOA, had to get a replacement from EVGA. Ya the highest price per watt PSU and I've had to replace it twice, good thing for the 10 year warranty.
    The EVGA 1300W G2's are tanks, most of mine are used and have had zero issues with them. They are more than my rigs need for power but they are tested through time and are IMO great value.
    I have 4 rigs running dual PSU's with only a bypass adapter or paperclip and have no issues. Although none of my PSU's are even close to max power, more around the half to 3/4 of max Watts.
  • Sequoia93Sequoia93 Member Posts: 130
    I have a pair of EVGA bronze and a pair of Corsair gold, they are all great.
    I'd warn against Rosewill PSUs as I recently had issues with 2 of them. First a defective 1200w that lost power ~800w, then another defective 750w, both gold. I also inquired with their support about buying additional molex strings as the PSU I bought had many perif connections but it only came with one string....and they don't sell any! They told me I'd have to buy more PSUs to get more strings...pff!
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
    i was buying only evgas for a bit mainly the G2 GQ and GS
    but not all come with much for molex
    so i started grabbing refurbs from micro center
    picking up AX860s as needed for $80 each they got 3 molex strips and are cheap enough to buy for 3-4 cards each
  • un4givenun4given Member Posts: 172 ✭✭
    My First PSU was a Enermaxx Platimax 1350W 80 PLUS Platin. As soon as i wanted to operate 6x RX 480 i had some problems with Rig resetting all the time it was PSU, since it is a multirail one and those doesnt suit for RX 480

    Swapped it to XFX one 1250 W single rail and now the rig works almost fine. Rig needs a lot of time to shut down or reset. Seems to be a PSU issue again.

    Found yesterday a cheap EVGA P2 1600W 80 PLUS Platinum and gonna test it on weekend.
  • CryptoGiraffeCryptoGiraffe Member Posts: 34
    Thanks for all the replies. I was also thinking of building some mini itx rigs that just use a single 290/390. Just to scatter some more rigs around the house or potentially get a friend to agree to host one at his house >:) Those should be able to get by with a bronze 5-600 or better right?

    How does one determine how many amps each rail needs? On my Corsair RM1000 I believe it has the option to switch from multi to single rail. Are there any cons to running all power supplies in single rail?
  • JukeboxJukebox Member Posts: 640 ✭✭✭
    Couple of Chieftec APS 1000C runs 6 years now w/o any failure.
    Only replaced main capacitor because of heavy load and time.
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