Deus ex machina

Does anyone think that "Deus ex machina" fits ethereum like "Vires in numeris" fits bitcoin?


  • eaglgenes101eaglgenes101 Member Posts: 43
    "god out of the machine" is the term for something in a story that happens with little or no justification. That doesn't describe ethereum well.
  • vaXvaX Austin, TXMember Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    If 0ne perϟ33∇3z ☰thereum
    as an emergent entity,
    that is neither just,
    nor unjust,
    but simply delivering a broad,
    consensually desired
    then: ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός
    makes perfeckt sense.

    But wh'eye stop thΔIR>?

    The Ðegr33* 2 vvitch 0ne's
    in a☾hord►ance with
    Thee 0min☰ϟϟence
    ov Thine cellular XXXtra►imensionality,
    may prove
    to either
    or red33⋈
    0ne's inHERaunt,
    or MissInHerAnt
    interpretative analysis
    ov: "Deus ex machina"

    Introducing a wide array ov ideologickal svbjecktivity, internally reverberates (((essentially echoing))) a densely dominant descriptive narrative.. Effecktively muting out 0ne's soulunar-numinous integration.. VVitch is simply tragick err, yet totally the expectant derivative.

    The abortively birthed uncrowned and conquered childe, is both commonplace and the usual suspect ov this malignant ▲ge vve now Disc0ver ourcellves inDiviDually and collecktively traversing; at times transmuting, and transcending.

    "Getting IT" is m0ar thee moment-to-momint Δckt ov DIAling IN, rather than the sporadic outward manifestation ov 0ne's perceived, conceived, received abstract phenomenality.

    *⋈agickal 0aths may bee inv0ked; in the EVEnt thee Δdept sovv /\spires.
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