Punishing spam timeout

indytimindytim Member Posts: 123
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I have not seen this before, but over the last 2-3 days, I'm being sent to the corner, punished, because I happen to try to make more than one comment in less than 90 seconds. And the penalty box lasts for 300 freaking seconds, long enough (at my age) that I then forget what the h*ll I was doing.

C'mon guys, is this really necessary? Do you realize that actual users will jump on the site, go through various notifications, and reply to various threads. It's perfectly reasonable that a given user would want to respond to several discussion threads in a row, or even make more than one update to a given discussion.

This is an excessive, heavyhanded policy that dramatically impacts my ability to participate meaningfully on this site. I just hope I have written enough that I'm now out of the 300-second penalty box I was just sent to, so I don't get punished again when I try to submit this comment.


  • CoreolCoreol Member Posts: 30
    Agreed. Kinda annoying. So far most of the replies I've seen on this forum are meaningful and interesting and those posting the most are actually contributing a lot to this forum.

    Edit: Ha... didn't let me post this one too. :D
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