claymore crashes on windows 10 1607

boysieboysie Member Posts: 591 ✭✭✭
watch out if you accidently update it will turn to tears.


  • boysieboysie Member Posts: 591 ✭✭✭
    ok found the issue, its one of the SETX commands you normal use....not sure why but if you use a new profile and dont use the setx settings claymore works just fine.....

    I spotted it because the mem should show 4GB but the second time you run it after using the setx commands you see it now only showing 3GB...very odd...

    I deleted my user and recreated and removed the setx commands from the batch file and now its all working just fine...not sure how to remove them from the system settings with a command...maybe some one will know.

    right on to testing these 470s
  • armymanarmyman Member Posts: 23
    Hi Boysie, I am trying to setup a miner with 6 rx480 on windows10 using the latest version of Claymore's dual miner and crimson driver 16.9.1.

    I have setup a very simple batch file to start mining on nanopool, but claymore crashes on startup. Any idea of what it could be?
    Thank you
  • CoreolCoreol Member Posts: 30
    @armyman I think you're better off posting that question to the original claymore thread:
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