For the current internet, multimedia has become a large part of it. Does Ethereum have anything to do with multimedia. Or does ether-browser support multimedia such as audio, video?


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    The etherbrowser is basically webkit (what powers many browsers, including Safari). So anything that can be done in HTML can be done in a Dapp, including access to the network, canvas object, anything.

    We also support QML (which integrates nicely with the Js Bindings), so sky's the limit in terms of integration with embedded hardware etc. Not many people know about QML, I embedded a video below.

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    Is the multimedia data stored centrally or in a decentralized way (Blockchain)?
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    It depends, 'multimedia' is a bit of a vague term - it's about using the right tool for the job.

    Dapps will be (for v1) distributed as compressed files on a decentralized, torrent-like network called swarm. Within these files you could have the basic assets for your dapp GUIs.

    For larger files, you could locate the files directly on swarm and reference them from the dapp, or even just leverage the fact that dapps have full network access and host where you might host files today (that said, that's clearly a less decentralized way of doing things).
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    Hi, Stephan, thanks for ur answer. I believe that IBM announced that blockchain technology can be used well in the area of IOT. Has the Ethereum team ever though about letting the platform compatible with IOT applications?
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    @‌lixujason - you betcha :) I had a chat with the IBM guys working on the R&D project you're referring to and I'm glad to say that they 'get it'.
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