An Ebook store that accepts Ethereum. Can I do anything before winter?


I wanted to set up an ebook stall that accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin. Or just add a store or app to my blog. I wondered if I could do any early work before Ethereum goes live in Winter.

If anyone can give me any ideas I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for your time....


  • m0sem0se Member Posts: 10
    Hi There,

    I think you could already start experimenting with smart contracts in the test/PoC-net and do some Proof-of-Concept stuff with your idea.

    Additionally I suggest you start familiarising your self with the architecture of Ethereum and it's implications. As Ethereum doesn't aim to be another coin, that you can accept on your blog or in a regular eshop.

    Ethereum is trying to bootstrap a hold new p2p platform where everything happens between the peers and no centrally hosted service involved, not even websites.

    So if you'd like to build a book-store in Ethereum, you'd build a so called Dapp, which can consist of HTML/JS elements who interact with smart contracts on the ethereum Blockchain as backend.

    The HTML/JS stuff will be distributed via. Swarm (a torrent-like network which is not available yet) instead of beeing hosted at some classic centralised webspace.
    (This means your user would need to download the EtherBrowser and can't access your book-store via )

    I know, this all seems a bit far now,.. but it's a brilliant idea to do it like this IHO.

    If your nevertheless interested in building something with Ethereum, that you can "embed" into your classic http-based blog - maybe check-out the thread I started with ideas about proxy & legacy web gateways:
  • FrodonomicsFrodonomics Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for a detailed answer. It'll take me a while to follow those links up. I understand how useful direct P2P contracts can be. I'll get reading...

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