So, will it be PoW or PoS or PoX?

CfBCfB Member Posts: 29
IIRC in the very beginning Ethereum was supposed to be mined via PoS. Then people started talking about PoW. And recently someone mentioned PoS (DPoS). Is there a deadline when the mining algo will be finally chosen? Maybe it's already known what the algo will be?

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  • CfBCfB Member Posts: 29

    We're aiming for either a turing complete PoW algo, or a randomized hash function every thousand nonces. The algo has not been decided on yet, there is no deadline. We are also considering PoW/PoS hybrid.

    I suspect that the community won't "allow" u to choose pure PoW algo without an effective countermeasure against botnet masters. Looks like I have to wait a little bit longer... Thank u for the answer.
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