qtminer either freezes or loops. Any ideas?

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One of my mining rigs has been mining for over a month, and it has just now decided to stop working correctly. qtminer works fine for a while and then decides to stop responding with no warning, or sometimes it just goes into a loop of submitting shares and never recovers. I have regenerated the DAGS multiple times and nothing has happened. I am using 4 cards on Windows 10 with a Gigabyte GA-990 FX board and the cards are all 290s. I am using AMD Driver version 15.300.1025.1001 and I have 4gb of ram in it. Below is an image of the cmd prompt where it is looping.

EDIT: It was a driver issue. I've reinstalled the drivers with a different version and with a re downloaded same version, and the graphics drivers still crash. As I have been doing this, one of my other machines has decided to start doing the same thing. Please help.
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