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I am thinking about a DNA analysis Dapp for secure sharing and analysis of your personal DNA data both for self trackers and people with diseases with underlying genetic alterations

DNA sequence analysis plays a central role in personalized medicine (whole genome sequencing, cancer genome sequencing) and synthetic biology. Both are emerging fields with great opportunities. DNA analysis companies like 23andMe https://www.23andme.com or Counsyl are some examples for promising startups in this area https://www.counsyl.com. Google started recently their genomics project https://developers.google.com/genomics/ We are talking about a total available market in the billion$ range.

However, I think these projects have for the present two major problems.

One problem is the secure and ethical sharing and analysis of DNA data. It is possible to track the identity of a person from shared DNA sequences without an identifier http://www.sciencemag.org/content/339/6117/321.abstract. As genomics play an increasingly important role in modern medicine, this is a major problem. DNA data are highly sensitive and sequencing information has a huge potential for misuse by governments, employers and insurance companies. I think it is possible to use BlockChain technology to securely share these kind of data P2P.

The second problem is a big data problem. DNA files are large and will in the future need increasing computing power to be rapidly analyzed. The analysis of synthetic DNA sequences will also need in certain larger computing power. I see the option to chop up these large DNA data files and analyze these parts by utilizing secure multiparty computing. I think platforms like Ethereum are well suited to build a secure DNA analysis app.
A token, specific coin would be great to use in this system in order to pay for expenses.

If anybody is interested to discuss and join such a project - let me know.


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    I do have my 23andMe genome, and I placed the hash of it into the Bitcoin blockchain, so I'm interested in this kind of thing.

    I don't think Ethereum would store DNA data (swarm might). And you wouldn't process DNA data in Ethereum, it would be too expensive.

    But you could have an Ethereum contract be a clearing house for genetic information requests and a vendor for zero knowledge proofs of the presence of particular genetic markers for an individual.
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    Agree. I am thinking more in the last direction. One could fragment the whole genome. Shorter sequences are most likely not be trackable in respect to identity. These sequence fragments could be correlated to an address and you could use the address to retrieve them. One could have a distributed computer system where you can analyze these fragments and call them from there by their address. A contract can regulate the process.
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    The GitHub repository for the project can be found here: http://bit.ly/1B4J5xP
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    Any biohackers here who have interest in this or similar problems?
  • Gerd_HGGerd_HG Member Posts: 42
    BTW p 16 and 17 of the ethereum white paper gives some hints how to do this - ref "Decentralized File Storage"
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