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Ok, here's a little background info. My IP address changes constantly- even more often than it should. It sometimes changes multiple times a day. It is extremely annoying, but what can you expect from a terrible overpriced ISP that has a monopoly in my region?

This causes a problem when I want to change my payment settings on Ethermine. The IP address on the page used to be updated fairly often, but now it's stuck. All I want to do is change the payment setting back to the default so I don't have to pay the fee for my low payout setting. My hash rate is not especially high, so the fee is not really costing me much. I'm just saying it would be nice to get this issue resolved.

Yes, I already tried to talk to Ethermine's support people. I made my ticket days ago, but no dice. They still haven't gotten back to me. I figured posting here would get more attention, since Ethermine's support is anything but.


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    u could prolly use a vpn to lockdown ur IP for a day or 2
    mining doesnt use much bandwidth so u can prolly get away with a free one
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    The IP on the settings page has been stuck for weeks.

    Never mind. It just fixed itself this morning. That's the way it goes when you post these things on forums. The problem always fixes itself by the time your post gets any attention. :D
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