What should I do?

daxdax Member Posts: 1
Here's my situation: I wanted to get in on the Ether sale, but I was also in the process of buying a house at the time. The stupid mortgage company was scrutinizing nearly every little transaction up until the closing last week so I held off on the purchase. Anyways, got the house out of the way. Back on August 13th, I came to the site and initiated an ether purchase and received an ether sale backup file in my email that I still have. Does this file I still have do me any good? Can I still purchase ether or did I miss the boat? If I can't purchase directly, is there still another way to buy some? Thanks!


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Hi Dax, downloading a wallet without sending bitcoin was a bit like grabbing a retail store gift card without loading it. Assuming you have not sent bitcoins, you can safely discard this file as the wallet holds no ether.

    There will be no further ether sale. It is impossible to buy, sell or transfer ether until genesis as nothing guarantees that the seller will not 'secretly' keep a copy of the wallet.
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