Mining rig in the Garage

uareatoweluareatowel Member Posts: 15
Hey all,
got my mining rig running pretty steady, thanks to the custom rom developers for the rx480, to say you guys are awesome is a huge understatement.
anyway, my question is about moving this rig outside for the winter, and keep my garage warm(er). and the card cool.

has anyone tried this before? im a little worried about humidity and dew that may collect on things.
anyone have any input?
thanks alot.


  • JukeboxJukebox Member Posts: 640 ✭✭✭
    1. How many cards?
    2. What is garage size?
  • ethfanethfan Member Posts: 458 ✭✭✭
    I have rigs in the garage. Rigs in the attic. And in the kitchen. In the lounge. Bedroom. Rigs everywhere!
  • SIRacer09SIRacer09 Member Posts: 246 ✭✭
    @uareatowel I have ALWAYS had my rigs in the garage. I started mining back in March and they've made it through the summer, which had garage temps up to 97 degrees F. I've always had a box fan on each rig and the temps never got above 78-80 degrees C. I plan to keep them in the garage through the winter. My wife will like it since it will warm her car up. :) It's a deep 2 car garage and I've got 2 rigs running.
  • JosevoraJosevora Lisbon, PortugalMember Posts: 93
    will you run into problems?
    well, short therm... no...
    (and long therm you WILL have to clean your RIG anyways... so it seems ok to me)

    Remember to monitor the rigs with something like "Google Chrome Remote Desktop"... you just have to install it on the Rigs and on your Smartphone, and you can see if it is running properly at a distance!

    Hope that Helps,
    Take Care!
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