Looking for Co-Founder in existing business

domschdomsch Member Posts: 11
We are currently undergoing a pivot for one of our businesses and are therefore looking for a new co-founder from Ethereum to come on board to manage the business and the day to day operations together with us.

About the business:
- Gateway for Ethereum and other crypto-currencies
- Asset Manager for Nxt, Ethereum and Bitshares
- Website is fully operational and well tested
- We already have bank accounts, payment processors (including a credit card processor on board) and the KYC/AML part worked out

What we are looking for:
- Expertise in managing such a business and running day to day operations
- Experience in marketing/advertising and user retention
- Willing to put in the effort to make this a huge success

If you think you have what it takes please contact me to discuss this in detail :) You will be well compensated for your work with equity in the business.


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