Dagger-Hashimoto added to NiceHash

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If anyone is interested in buying Dagger-Hashimoto hashing power to mine Ethereum even without having physical miners: we added beta support for Ethereum Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm to https://www.nicehash.com. Since original Ethereum specification lacks full stratum support, we made a few minor patches to the Ethereum specification in order to be able to put support for Ethereum on NiceHash. The specifications are published at https://github.com/nicehash/nhethpool/blob/master/EthereumStratum_NiceHash_v1.0.0.txt

Pools and mining software have to be patched in order to be compatible with the new specification. See here for more details and bounty: https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/7346/bounty-for-ethereum-pool-operators-to-add-nicehash-compatibility
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