Parallel processing of data

Will there be a way to process a vector of values at once?

For example, I want to do this:

[1; 10; 100; 1000] + [5; 5; 5; 5] = [6; 15; 105; 1005]

without a FOR loop.


PS: I could do it if I worked with 64-bit values combined into a single 256-bit number, but vectors can have arbitrary number of elements.

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  • CfBCfB Member Posts: 29
    It could be Serpent, language doesn't matter. I'm trying to find a way to translate smart contracts of one cryptoplatform into Ethereum smart contracts code. The former works with vectors and if any of the languages supported by the latter worked with vectors too this would simplify the problem greatly.
  • CfBCfB Member Posts: 29
    Well, I asked if there WILL BE such a language. It seems to me that it's not planned yet and I just have to wait.
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