Mining but no eth rewards?

campbell87campbell87 Member Posts: 100
Hi, I have been mining for about 6 months now, Got 2 rigs, both exact same windows 7 software setup, one is 4x MSI R9 280X and the other is a 6 random AMD card rig, All 7970/280x, The 6 card rig is going good still but the other 4x 280x is strange, From the miners screen all looks well, using genoil miner and getting roughly 74MH/s but the problem is when i go to nanopool to check rewards for the rig its not showing, It used to but not any more, no settings have changed, I have gone over my settings again and again, Even copied from working server and edited workername and still not showing....... Cards getting hot too so they seem to be actuallt mining data im just not beign rewarded, Each time i power it on now it costs me.... Thats no use...... Hardly worth turnin it on now as it is without this


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