Need help with PoC6 JS

HellRazorHellRazor BerlinMember Posts: 99 ✭✭
Hi guys,

I am working on a roulette Dapp, but there are a few things I encounter problems with.
eth.transact(keySecret(addrField.value), totalBetValue, contractAddress, board, 10000, eth.gasPrice());
In Dannys Lotto there is the u256 object which I can't get to work, is it removed in PoC6 or why is there nothing happening? :(

Also I want to create a transaction in which there are 37 arguments, all of them are integers. Is it okay to pass them as an array like: "eth.transact(keySecret(addrField.value), totalBetValue, contractAddress, myBets, 10000, eth.gasPrice());"
(myBets is the array of integers)? I never made it to a successful transaction... :(

If you guys want I can upload it somewhere when it is somehow playable so others can maybe learn from my Dapp too.^^


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