Amount of ether to purchase for building on Etherium

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To build a currency that will have extensive reach (many transactions) on Etherium, how much Ether should one buy? I understand that Ether will be the fuel for processing transactions on the Etherium platform.

"People interested in acquiring ether to build and distribute decentralized applications, or to pay for their usage, are able to do so in the Genesis Sale using bitcoin, thereby locking-in their supply at a known price."

Stepping into the future, we've hacked out the dapps & contracts required to run our currency and we launch. The currency is hugely popular. Everyone's buying into it resulting in high computation and storage usage of the platform. Will we have to continue buying ether to fuel our currency?


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    It's currently not possible to answer that question - the cost of executing contracts is dependent on the price of gas, which will be ultimately decided by the free market influenced by miners (i.e., miners will prioritize high gas price transactions over the ones that are priced lower).

    Vitalik has however mentioned in the past that he saw $0.00002 to $0.0001 as the 'ideal' gas price.
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