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tomlondontomlondon Member Posts: 31
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Once ethererium goes live how long do you think it will it be before someone has made a websites for ether stats?

Similare to


  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    Think there already was one for the testnet, forgot the name, but it went down due to changes of the Ethereum protocol.

    Kindah dislike having to go to blockchain explorers for data already on disk, btw. Hope there will just be a desktop app. However, that might be slower without memoizing some things. (i.e. storing the result rather than re-calculating it) Also, it might be possible that full nodes are allowed to be forgetful about some things. It will need to be able to revert a lot of blocks in the case of blockchain forks, but it doesnt use inputs so it doesnt need information forever.
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