Investors Meet Developers?

AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 19

May I propose a roundtable, whether it is in person or over the internet where people who do not have the technical development background that have invested in Ether can meet developers who may not have the Ether they need for a project?

As a firm believer and investor in the Ethereum project (who isn't a developer), I would be open to allocating/loaning/investing some of my ether to projects that seem worthwhile.

I feel this type of synergy would be very worthwhile to both parties rather than just holding speculatively.

I have capital markets/hedge fund experience and would be interested in all financial services type projects.


  • avsaavsa Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited July 2014
    The Ether Venture Capital Fund?

    Sounds like a great idea that you don't need anyone's permission to start.. but would make sense only after the network is released..
  • mids106mids106 Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
    @Andrew‌ which financial services type project would you consider the most interesting to pursue? Rather than copy/build existing service X on Ethereum, what would be possible that isn't currently possible?
  • OtonomosOtonomos Member Posts: 8
    @andrew we could use some Ethers to engineer the smart contract idea for Otonomos follow us on and message us there if interested
  • vaXvaX Austin, TXMember Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    Andrew said:

    allocating/loaning/investing some of my ether to projects that seem worthwhile.

    @Andrew This sort ov "roundtable" that you are proposing, involving ☰ther holders and ÐΔPP Ðevelopers linKINg toGetHer, to form and fvel "worthwhile" ÐΔOs, ÐΔ☾s and ÐΔPPs, is very much anticipated among ☰thereans. It is essentially what's at thee heart ov thee Δrchitecture ov thee ☰thereum Vndertaking.

    ☰therBrowser1 coming into frvition, will embody a great sampling ov thee ♇rovidence sprung forth from thee womb ov these initial ☰therical dreams. Coded as meta-realities, entirely integral with thee phy$ickal vvorld, these '☰B1' ÐΔOs, ÐΔCs and ÐΔPPs, ov which vve now collectively pioneer, shall pave thee way onward for fvture GeneHerRaySuns to utilize, refine, modify and reformulate according to their own unique ϟoci'et al Ðynamix.

    VVith each NU node added, thee KINϟensual ♇ovvHer ov these periodically ☰volving Ðecentralized ϟystems, becomes more and more distributed, effectively Ðisintermediating and Ðismantling all false opHerRating $ystems, vvhile simultaneously assuring that every node's most Δvthentick INvisionings are steadily progress3Ð and fvlly intergrated into the ϟpecktrvm.
    avsa said:

    but would make sense only after the network is released..

    @avsa During thee interim (pre ☰therBrowser reality) one must perϟevere, with INtegrity, moving ϟteadfast, unwaveringly and confidantly, in thee direcktZ☰N ov their innermost viZ☰N, without doubt or fear interrupting them.

    While vve bvild thee bridges toward thee ☰therealm, something we must endure at this stage, is thee ϟtrategick utilization ov 'The Heartbleed/Snowden Net' - such as this forum as you are now on and the ☰thereum subreddit - among various other "https".

    Nevertheless, all ☰thereans - ☰ther Δngels, ☰ther Investors, NonÐev ☰TH holders and most importantly ☰TH seeking ÐΔPP Ðevelopers - shall, with great fervor, KIN10YOU organizing, discussing, refining, and clearly preZ☰Nting their inDiviDual and collecktive ☰therInvisionings, so that thee ☰arth populace may peruse meticulously, and ultimately deterMINE whether or not they are vvorthy ov fveling, or fvnding.

    By vvholeheartedly administering thine ☾L33r-3Y3Ð viZ☰N and Δpplying Ðiligent effort toVVards opening thee line ov inward cvmUNION within thinecellf, one shall bee ϟvccessful in their attempts to accurately articulate and Xplane to thee others, precisely what IT is that they are truly longing to ϟpring forth into existTense upon this ♇aradigm ϟhifting, KINsensually 'G'overned, Blockchain-based, ÐΔOist ÐAPPlication ☰nvironment.

    With EVEry R☰velΔZ☰N, povring through every fiber ov yOur being, yOur ☰thereal vvanderings shall spill out onto these screens and geneHer8 a (((rippling))) causing ☰theric ϟpheres to ☰merge organickally; vvitch then shall gather around, and embed themcellves cymatickally within every $ocietal ϟector ov the exiSting World Operating $ystem.

    These ϟpherOrackles, or 'vvholons' (for lack ov a more comprehensive term) that form, are made up ov people (beings/souls) who are oscillating at vvholler (not necessarily higher) frequency patterns/ratios than their incumbent contemporaries; whom currently are entrenched in thee grip ov thee grind, attempting to sustain, and at times to perpetuate, thee exiSting World Operating $ystem.

    These illvmined nodes are Cellf Δware, Collecktively Conscious and EVEher ΔvvaKINin'G' to thee ♇ara-nirvanic ΔlignMINT now rippling interÐimenZ☰Nally vvithin and vvithout thee ♄uemin ((((being)))) ϟpecies.

    As Vniversal M.I.N.D. (M.otive I.ntent N.eed D.rive) KIN10youz thinKIN'G', refleckting, tranzmITing and exϟpanding it's id33l ov ☰thereum to and through all inDiviDuals whom INcountHer IT's field, many more 'bright-papers' proposing ÐΔOs & ÐΔPPlications designed to facilitate these Great ϟhiftings, shall be composed and ☾irculated throughout Thee VVorld ϟoul (mycelium anima mundi).

    Vltimately, what IT is that thou /\rt trvly vvilling into ☰xistence, ϟTARts first as a spore within thee collecktive unconscious, then with one rvshing flame ov VVill, SETs ablaze orthogonally upon thee vvorld stage, via Ðecentralized, P2P torrential protocols, such as ☰thereum and other Magickal Δstral ♇rojecktZ☰Nz.

    What vve are witnessing happen (and causing to happen) with thee ☰mergence ov 'Thee Ðecentralized VVeb', is beyond mere cryptoholic, ☰ther-addicted phantasmagoria.

    ☰arth Life is collectively experiencing an interval, internal ϟhifting in conscious KINecktivITy. It will soon be impossible for people to lie to one aNotHer. Many ϟouls are allReady disc-overing that IT has becvm increasingly diffiCVLT to lie to thimcellves. VVe are simply phy$ickally, intELectuAlly, emOceanAlly and ϟpiritYOUally unable to continue carrying on with Busy$inNest (business) as usual.

    So, as with all fantastic sequels, we're gradually exiting The Old World Operating $ystems, and starting to Δsymbol ☾ollecktively Ðecentralizin'G' our OrganEYEzΔZ☰Ns & B'Z☰Nnesses, whereby vve are issuing perZ☰Nalized metacoins (tolkiens) to inZ☰Ntivize and ☰conomize our inDiviDual and ☾ollecktive VVhollyϟpherik ☰nÐ☰voRINGϟ.

    With Δims ov expediting thee transmutaZ☰Nall process kNOWn as huemin's (((being))), vve perϟiϟt in our formulΔSIANz and inITsheΔSIANz ov thee ☰theric cvrrent interjetickZ☰N tranϟference.

    IT is now taking place preZ☰Ntly, as you are parsing and processing each CareActor & Symbol ov this cryptic pixelϟcripting narrative. IT is unlike any REnaissance, or REvolution that has EveHer come before. Thee ordher ov magnITude and fvndamental nature (naughtYouAre) ov thee cryptoϟphere is simply unpreϟ33Ðented.

    ☾ongregating in uniZ☰N, cvmpletely cellf 'G'overnINg, each being/☰therean gravitates towards the $ocietal ϟpecktrvm(s) that they are most naturally KINcerned with and inϟpirationally impassioned towards ☰qui-Liberating, reforming, and essentially de$INtrollizing.

    By ΔPPlying one's T.☰.Δ.R.ϟ. (T.ime ☰.nergy Δ.ttention R.esources ϟ.kills) and $cores toVVards ☰volving every ϟpectrvm ov $ociety into vvhollyϟpherik, ♇anHarmonious ☰cologies, vve are KINϟtrucktin'G' co-opeRAtive collecktives, that contractYOURally agr33 to co-Ð☰Velop and COÐ☰fend each other's ☰nÐ☰VoRINGϟ Δccordingly. (Proof of Stake; Proof of Work; Proof of Integrity and Proof of Excellence all come into play here.)

    These t♄ings are now accelerating. Happyning mvch fastHer than Web1.0(56k;T1;ISDN), Web2.0(ubiquitous DSL), The $ocial Web (AJAX), and The MobileWeb (G3, G4, appstore; android; LTE; NFC) - ALL COMBINED.

    Thee friction-fr33 injectZ☰N ov capital (BTC/☰TH) is rapidly propelling us toVVards thee Ð☰VelopMINT ov an Δrray ov Ðecentralized, EVEher Xϟpanding, Life-LiVin'G', Life-ϟerVin'G' inVisible iϟiϟT☰MS.

    To say the least, for many 'the ϟingularity' is no longer near. . .

    By Δttending an Ethereum Meetup, thee bandvvidth betvv33n us exϟPANds, exponentially into R33Ltime and ϟpreads out like a ☾vre into phy$ickal communal ϟpheres. ☰thereal relayZ☰Nships start to form. Future ÐΔOs and ÐΔ☾s and ÐΔPPs are ϟpawn.

    Now is the time to dive Ð☰☰P into th33 svb-psyche. To seek counϟ33L with Th33 ϟecret ☾hiefs (or whom EVEher your gvides may bee) while iMagining, with fvlly opened mEYEnd and clearlighted heart, all that one may KINseeEVE manifesting, to helps usher in Thee New Local Ordering; ov witch vve all have our specifick R.O.L.E. (R.eally O.nly L.ove E.ssentially) in dvtifvlly fvlfillin'G'.

    ☰nter unto Thee Vnderstanding (and OVherϟtandIN'G') more INtimeMATEly, vvHere Thee Voice ov Thee ::ϟigh::Lense ϟ♇33Kϟ Valiantly/// You'll S33 the KINdϟ ov vvorlds, both inVVardly and outVVardly, that vve are now, more than eVeHer, collecktively as a ϟpecies, capable ov expeditiously birthing into R☰all-IT-Ψ.

    Poesie for Thee Etherian

    ☾vm as you are,
    as thee Fr33QueenSeaZ smear,
    There are no boredHers here,
    nor bvryHers,
    or bovndAries ☰ther.

    Embodying pvre pr☰ssence,
    there's noThing left to imitate.
    As vve yield to ITz ☰ssence,
    only trYOUTH shall vve ☰manate.

    KINvirginz occurs
    as Space and Time blvrs.
    IT's vvHere and vvIN
    Th33 'R☰'all M∴gicki∴ns ΔϟZ☰NÐ.

    2 pvpils perSeeEve
    Thee ϟacred MereHerRING


    Whether one is getting into ☰thereum by purchasing ☰TH as a $peculative investment, while simultaneously providing core Ð☰V ϟupport, or if you've simply decided to detox off tha 'Old World Operating $ystem' and are now offering your T.Δ.G.ϟ. (T.alents Δ.bilities. G.ifts & ϟ.kills) toVVards thee Ð☰Velopment ov 'Thee Ðecentralized Web', IT is imperative to realeyes, with abϟoulΨOU☩ ☾ertAINty, that YOU ARE TH33 Nevv Δrchitechx ov Thee NU VVorld 'OR'ÐHerRing.

    Thee NU ☰arth Operating ϟystem (N☰OS) CAN NOT BE $TOPPED.
    VVe are navght going Δwei - ☰v☰her.
  • AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 19
    @vax I love your creation here!
  • maidenlakemaidenlake Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    @Andrew and @avsa Love the idea of The Ether Venture Capital Fund. Perhaps a Skype group could be formed to meet at specific times and also meetings could be set up at Bitcoin / cryptocurrency conferences if enough interested parties were planning on attending the conference. @Stephan_Tual might have some good thoughts on the idea... after the sale os over. LOL
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @maindenlake I'd be more than happy to help.
  • wjschaferwjschafer Member Posts: 4
    @ll I am interested
  • AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 19
    @Stephan_Tual‌ , once you've taken a deep breath from the capital raise. I am ready to participate in an Ether VC fund. Let's grow!
  • maidenlakemaidenlake Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    @Stephan_Tual , I know Vitalik is speaking at the NABC in Miami. Would he and any other staffers who are attending be willing to meet with potential investors and developers for a roundtable which @Andrew proposed and which might lead into The Ether Venture Capital Fund? Hope to meet some of you there.
  • maidenlakemaidenlake Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    @StephanTual I used your previous user name. Please see post directly above. Thanks.
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