[SOLD] Multiple R9 Nano's for sale (Europe)

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I decided to sell some of my Nano's.
I've got around 100 that i can sell, but i don't have to Wink.

Bought them this year (end of January), so still plenty of warranty left!

They've never exceeded temperatures above 60 degrees because they're all flashed with a custom rom to reduce power as much as possible. (they have dual bios so can easily be switched back to stock rom)

At this moment each one of them is hashing at 23.5Mh consuming around 80 watt.

I'm located in Europe, so for someone interested it would be best if you're from Europe as well.

Price can be discussed in pm.
Buying in bulk will obviously be most interesting Smiley

Send me a message if you're truely interested.

Why do i want to sell? Power cost is more than 20eurocent per kw here. Which is rediculous.

Original boxes are all included, even the atistatic paper is still there :p.
+ i clean them every week.

Here's an image: Here

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