How much for a 295x2 8GB XFX?

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There's a 295x2 8GB XFX on an auction site local to me, with 3 days to go, currently sitting at $358 with 11 bids on it.

I'd like to bid on it as well. What's the max bid you would suggest for such a card? It's very clean and in good condition, only slightly used.

For reference, 470/480 cards run between $280 and $360 where I live.

Also of note, I have free electricity for the foreseeable future.

Thanks in advance.

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    That's a very good price, they retail (NEW) for over 1 thousand. You can find them used for $500 on Ebay, although I was able to get one of mine for $485. I'd recommend that you get one, but keep in mind to look at all the options. I spent over 36 hours researching prices and hashrates of different cards to see which cards would be most profitable to mine with, comparing the hashrate to the price. If you mine on a pool, look for miners that have a hash rate as close as possible to your expected hashrate. Keep in mind that the stated hashrate of a card on websites can be very different from what you get. The R9 295x2's stated hashrate is 60MH/S, but I only get 55MH/s. I actually loose 5MH/S on EVERY card that I mine with (Genoli Ethminer, making plans to switch to claymore for better results and less stability issues)

    I spent over 36 hours on my vacation (had nothing to do the whole time I was on vacation) researching what would be the best card with the lowest price per hash, and found that I can get R9 290's for about $200 a piece on amazon or Ebay. IF you get a 290, try to get a aftermarket version, because the reference models (the ones that all look the same and only have 1 fan) run a lot hotter! A lot of times the difference is over 20 degrees Celsius.

    At the end of the day, although this was a long post, as long as the auction price doesn't exceed $500, buy it there, otherwise you can get it on ebay.


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