is native Geth GPU miner reporting accurate hashrate?

a_ea_e Member Posts: 2
with native geth GPU miner, i am seeing hashrate of ~38MH/s when checking eth.hashrate compared to ~23MH/s when using ethminer or genoil ethminer.

Is that an accurate reading? If so, how hard would it be to implement pool mining using native geth GPU miner?


  • PCRGMPCRGM Member Posts: 46
    Do you have a GPU? I would advise you to stay away from using GETH for mining, because it's buggy and depreciated. If you are GPU mining use Claymore or Genoli Ethminer. It's going to be a lot easier to maintain mining on a program like that rather than geth.
  • smaksmak Member Posts: 26
    early days i tried gpu mining with geth and the reported hashrate was indeed higher than actual.. and i was about 3x the time i should have scored a block before i gave up and started pool mining.

    of course i could have always been unlucky.. the general consensus is that geth mining is wasteful of hash.
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